Welding work

Bradleys Flexable Welding

Serving the Charlotte Area

With over 20 years of fabrication and welding experience, Bradleys Flexable Welding provides quality service and meets high expectations. Give us a call and let's discuss your welding project.

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Bradleys Flexable Welding works to build a good and a personable relationship with all of their customers.

Welding work

Custom Designed Grills

This is our specialty. Click here for more.

Welding work

Custom Welding

We do a range of custom work. Click here for more.

Welding Done Right!

We also provide mobile welding. Specializing in tig, mig, and stick welding. Stainless, carbon, and aluminum metals.

On site welding

Trailer repairs and modifications

Custom grills

Custom frames


Equipment repairs

You break it, we fix it!

Our work ranges from large new items to small modifications.

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Bradleys Flexable Welding

Harrisburg, NC

Phone: 704-340-3397

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Bradleys flexable welding