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Welcome to Bradleys Flexable Welding

Bradleys Flexable Welding has been blessed to have over 20 years of fabrication and welding experience. Our goal is to provide superior customer service experience, to meet your highest expectations. Our Motto is:

Welding Done Right!

Bradleys Flexable Welding believes in building a good and a personable relationship with all of our customers.

Welding work

Bradleys Flexable Welding is a welding and fabrication business.

We also provide mobile welding. Specializing in tig, mig, and stick welding. Stainless, carbon, and aluminum metals.

Mobile welding

Custom builds bbq grills

Trailer repairs



Landscape equipment repairs or modifications, and etc....

You break it, we fix it!

We will assist you with your modifications and new ideas.

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Bradleys Flexable Welding

Harrisburg, NC

Phone: 704-340-3397

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